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Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

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About Hospital

I-Care Eye Center – A Comprehensive Eye Hospital equipped with state of the art facility to deal with Complete Eye Checkup, Cataract, Glaucoma, DCR,Squint, Pterygium, Lasik, YAG laser treatment

I-Care Eye Center is centrally located in the heart of Hyderabad, Started with an aim to provide advance eye care @ affordable price to one and all in the society. With this thought process we have successfully performed more than 500 surgeries in the center in a span of 3 years with excellent patient satisfaction.

Our Motto
“Treating patients with human touch Building relationships that lasts long”

Our Aim
Our aim to provide advance eye care at affordable price to one and all in the society.

Qualified Staff
Our Qualified staff will provide best service. They will take care about patient condition.

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If you have any querry please contact us
+9195158 80332

About Our Doctor

Dr. Sakina Hasan has an experience of over 10 years as an ophthalmic surgeon and has performed various surgeries diligently like LASIK, Cataract,Glaucoma, DCR, Pterygium, squint (Adults) etc. She has worked as operating surgeon in various reputed hospitals – Sadhuram Lions Eye Hospital, Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital, Abid Ali Khan Eye Hospital, sheis a visiting surgeon at Drishti Eye Centre. She has performed thousands of cataract and glaucoma surgeries (including complicated cataract surgeries), many DCR, pterygium and Adult squint surgeries. She is the founder and operating ophthalmic surgeon of I-Care Eye Center. She is a dedicated and hardworking eye surgeon who works diligently towards good surgical outcome and patient satisfaction.

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