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It is formation of cloudiness in natural human lens and is usually age related. It is the most common cause of preventable blindness in the world.

Symptoms: Blurring of Vision

  • Anyone experiencing blurring of vision usually above 55 years age should visit Ophthalmologist.
  • Undue delay can lead to complications in cataract surgery


  • With advanced phacoemulsification system like ours cataract surgery is done away with <2mm pinhole procedure.
  • No stich procedure
  • No hospitalization
  • Commonly done as outpatient procedure



It is the 2nd most cause of preventable blindness, if detected early.

Eye is like a spherical object (ball) filled with fluid which gets produced and drained within the eye on regular basis maintaining a normal IOP (Intra ocular pressure)

If fluid protection in eye exceeds the drainaige system IOP increases leading to OAG (open angle glaucoma). OAG can be treated by medication or surgery.

If the drainage system in the eye gets blocked at the angle this can lead to ACG (angle closure glaucoma) ACG can be treated by YAG PI or surgery.

Symptoms: Seeing haloes around the light. Tubular vision

Detection of glaucoma is a paramount importance, so kindly visit qualified ophthalmologist who can check your IOP, do gonioscopy, categorized the glaucoma and treat you accordingly.

DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy)

Bony opening (1-inch) is made in the nasal wall and lachrymal sack is cut and marsupilised in nasal cavity so has to by-pass the blocked nasolacrimal duct.


  • Tearing (Epiphora)
  • Mucopurulent discharge
  • Mattering of lashes and lids, crusting in the morning
  • Pain, swelling and tenderness at inner corner of eye
  • Dacryocystitis (abscess infection of the lacrimal sac in the inner corner of eye area)


A pterygium is a pinkish, triangular tissue growth on the cornea of the eye. It typically starts on the cornea near the nose. It may slowly grow but rarely grows so large that the pupil is covered.


  • Irritation
  • Decreased vision due to induced astigmatism
  • If it extends to the visual access can cause perment scaring and significant decrease in vision


Pterygium excision plus autograft.

Conjuntival graft being placed on bare sclera after excision of Pterygium

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